About Us

We believe that our roots in the festival business give us a real understanding of what's involved

Our History:

Wight Fencing was created in 2008 by the management of the Isle of Wight Festival as a solution to the unique requirements of that event.  Since then we have grown and now provide fencing for some of the largest festivals around the UK.  We think that the quality of our kit, along with our knowledge of the industry, our constant search for new products and innovations should make us your first choice when organising the fencing for your event.

Our Ethos:

We believe that our roots in the festival business give us a real understanding of what’s involved:

  • We know that the timing of the fencing load in and set up is paramount to your schedule.
  • We know that sometimes things change, and we are always prepared to be flexible.
  • We know our products.  We are always on the lookout for new ones and always thinking of ways that they can be tailored to individual events.

Our People:


Anthony Burke * Managing Director.

Anthony has 15 years experience as a site manager on various outdoor events and festivals, including Bestival, Creamfields, Red Bull Air Race, T in the Park, and various Trafalgar Square contracts.  While working as site manager on the Isle of Wight Festival in 2008, he decided to use his knowledge and expertise to set up a fencing venture of his own that really understands the requirements of large scale outdoor events.

Cath Hylton * Administrator

Cath has 20 years experience as a stage and project manager for site specific theatre events.  She is relatively new to the fencing business, but understands events, is passionate about customer care and is learning fast about Heras and crowd barrier.

Our Crew

Anthony has put together a first class crew that work with us throughout the country.  They have all worked in various roles on different events and know what’s involved.  They also have a thorough knowledge of our products and how best to use them to meet the needs of your event.  Most importantly – they all have an excellent sense of humour.

Our Unique Stillages:

stillage 500 x 500pxAfter years of working on site, we have come to the conclusion that top loading stillages are not the best way to store and transport Heras panels.  They require the crew to lift each panel up and over the top, and need to be double stacked when loading onto trucks. Our unique front loading stillages (designed by Anthony) require less lifting, allowing the crew to work safer and more efficiently – saving time and therefore reducing costs.  They hold up to 65 panels each and stack perfectly onto a truck, meaning that you get the same amount of panels on a truck, but they take half the time to stack. Not everyone is a fan (yet!), but we have been working with them for years now, and they have been used on some of the biggest festivals in the country (Isle of Wight, Bestival, Bloodstock and Rewind to name just a few).  It’s only a matter of time before everyone sees sense and starts to use this safer, faster method of Heras storage.