Agit8 at Tate Modern

This week performers including Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones and Paolo Nutini are performing their favourite protest songs on stage outside Tate Modern as part of the Agit8 campaign. Today’s (Thursday 13th June) FREE concert starts at 3pm, and there will be more acts tomorrow. More information about the Agit8 campaign is here – http://www.one.org/protestsongs/   And if you would like to see more pictures of the set up, click here to see them on our Facebook page.
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Enjoying the sunshine on the Island

The build for the Isle of Wight Festival is well underway now, and the crew are loving the sunshine.  It is a huge relief after last year’s horrendous conditions.  Fingers crossed it stays with us for the festival itself!
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Are business exhibitions worth the investment?

We recently exhibited at the Event Production Show.  Our MD Anthony has attended as a visitor many times, but it was the first time that we have exhibited and the final costs were more than we had anticipated when we first signed up.  Although we are very pleased with the way it went, most marketing advice talks about measuring the return on your investment – is this as easy as it sounds? At the moment our feeling is that the exhibition was a success for us, but if we measured this purely in terms of orders received as a direct result of the show we might struggle to justify the expenditure. 
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