Our Products

Heras, Crowd Barrier, Front of Stage Barricade, Backstep, Event Shield, Trackmat

We work with four basic types of fencing:  Heras; crowd barrier; front of stage barricade and event shield.  Each type can be configured using specialist sections to create gateways, arches, cable runs and much more.

Details and specifications for all of our fencing can be found below, but if you don’t find what you need there, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Front of stage barrier

FoS 940 x 300

These specialist panels are load bearing and are used to contain crowds and create safe spaces in front of stages.  Each panel is 1m wide x 1.1m high, 75cm deep and weighs 40kg.

Optional extras include: Fixed corner sections; vario corners; door and gate units; barrier counters and cable run sections.

Available as hire only or with full installation.  Click here to download the spec sheet for our front of stage barricade.

Bar tops for front of stage barrier

Bar barrier 940 x 300 px

These bar tops have been custom built to fit neatly onto our front of stage barrier panels.  They can be used at any event to provide a quick to build, durable and clean looking bar area.

They are particularly useful at festivals where numbers of customers are large, build time is limited and space is premium.


Back step 1880 x 600 px

Available with front of stage barricade hires – please contact us for more information.

Heras fencing

Heras for our fencing 940 x 300 px

Mainly used as basic perimeter fencing, Heras panels are 3.5m wide x 2m tall and are made from galvanised steel.  Each panel weighs 20kg.  They sit in thermo plastic blocks, and are fixed together with clips.

Optional extras include: Heras covers; anti-tamper clips; archways and gates.  You can also fix wooden bumblebees to them if you like!


Our Heras is stored in upright stillages which were designed by our MD, Anthony Burke, and are unique to Wight Fencing.

They allow the panels to be loaded from the front, rather than lifted up and over the top of an upright stillage.  When they are unloading thousands of metres for each job this makes a real difference to the crew, allowing them to work faster and safer.

Available as hire only, or with full installation.  Click here to download the spec sheet for our Heras fence.

 Crowd barrier

Our fencing crowd barrier 940 x 300 px

These barriers are generally used to control the flow of people within a site.  They are 2.3m wide, 1.1m high and weigh 11kg.  This makes them simple to erect, and the hook and eye system for fixing them together means that they create a very effective barrier.

Optional extras include: Gates and covers.  

Available as hire only or with full installation.  Click here to download the spec sheet for our crowd barrier.

Event shield

Event Shield 940 x 300These steel panels are 2m x 3m, and have separate bracing which means that they can be erected on either edge.  They are solid and can therefore be used to provide a higher security perimeter than Heras, or to create sealed off spaces within your site.  

Optional extras include: Vehicle and pedestrian gates.

Available only with full installation.  Please contact us if you require further details about the specifications of this product.  Wind loading details are also available upon request.


Trackmat 940 x 300

Our all weather trackmats are ideal for providing temporary access and ground protection on soft or sensitive ground.

Each mat weighs just 36kg, making them easy to handle and quick to lay by hand.  This makes them fast and effective to use in a variety of situations.  They are fixed together with either two or four way connectors, creating a durable temporary access solution even on steep slopes.

Available as hire only or with full installation.  Click here to download the spec sheet for our trackmats.