Isle of Wight 2014

Once again we went back to where it all began in June this year, and provided all of the fencing for the Isle of Wight Festival. This not only means fencing around the arena and the main stage, but also the entire campsite.  Over the weekend over 20,000 people stay on site in various different camping areas.  And some of the most glamorous stay in Eve’s Tipis (above) – see www.eves-tipis.co.uk for more in
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Isle of Wight Festival 2013

We were back at our favourite festival of the year again in June, and what a difference after last year.  For most of the build and show days the weather was fine, and when it did rain it was nothing like the downpours of 2012. Once again, we supplied all of the Heras, crowd barrier and front of stage barricade to the festival – over 40,000m of fence in total.   This year we also provided the event shield to cr
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Isle of Wight Festival 2012

The Isle of Wight Festival is where it all began for us, and is our favourite festival of the year.   2012 was tricky – it rained the whole time and the mud was unbelievable.  But we still managed to install almost 30,000m of kit and stay cheerful!  We’ll be back there in 2013 – hoping for better weather… In 2012 we supplied: 24,000m of Heras fencing 4,000m of barrier 400m of front of stage ba
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