British Summertime at Hyde Park 2014

BST 2014 1880 x 720 px

Once again we were at Hyde Park this year to provide huge amounts of front of stage barricade for the Barclaycard British Summertime Concerts.  There was a very diverse range of acts on throughout the two weeks, including Arcade Fire, Neil Young, Black Sabbath and MacBusted.  This meant plenty of changeovers to keep our boys busy (and hot!) during the very warm weather.

However, even more difficult than doing hundreds of metres of changeovers each day during that weather, was the particular challenge during the Libertines show, when our barrier (and our crew) was fully tested by a very enthusiastic 60,000 strong crowd.  The show had to be stopped three times so that the band could tell the crowd to calm down.  We are very proud to report that both our barrier and our boys coped extremely well with this very difficult gig.

And the day after, crew boss Fry managed to get his very own selfie with MacBusted!  Good times…

BST HP McBusted and Fry

We supplied:

950m front of stage barricade